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Crawl Spaces Cleanout

Your home's crawl spaces are crying for help

Out of sight is out of mind. This age-old saying couldn’t be more true when it comes to the crawl spaces around the house. When we move into a new home, we promise ourselves that we will make sure all crawl spaces are taken care of and regularly cleaned.

But before you know it, life takes over and, well, you forget what isn’t in front of you. Crawl spaces can be notorious like that! They can also turn into a potential home for dust, bugs, and all kinds of bacteria. And once you reach that point, how do you even start a cleanup? And from where?

Well, you start with giving Global Junk & Moving a phone call, and let us do the rest. Our experts know exactly how to approach crawl spaces and leave them as clean as they could be.

Crawl Spaces Cleanout
Crawl Spaces Cleanout

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Our cleanup team is highly experienced and is ready to deal with anything and everything your crawl space might throw (sometimes literally) at them. We ensure quick and efficient cleanups, which can be scheduled as per your convenience. What’s more, if you are unsure our team even provides quick, on-the-spot estimates. And we don’t start work till we get the all-clear from your end.

Book an appointment today and let us help you all of  crawl space cleanouts need!

Why crawl spaces need to be clean, clean, clean

We are not exaggerating when we say that keeping crawl spaces clean is essential to the health of your entire home. Here are the top three reasons why crawl spaces need constant TLC:

Air Quality

The majority of the air that circulates in a house emanates from crawl spaces. Breathing in unclean air can have severe health consequences, especially for those with allergies or those already suffering from health conditions. This just goes to show the importance of regularly cleaning up the crawl spaces around the house. Imagine how much the air quality around your home would deteriorate if you let your crawl spaces go unchecked for long periods of time.


A word every homeowner is scared to utter is “mold”. Mold has the potential to wreak havoc on your home and your health. Mold can be challenging to deal with if you suffer from allergies or have small kids in the house. The conditions that promote the growth of mold are the same conditions that are mostly found in crawl spaces — lack of sunlight and loads of moisture. Since mold can start to grow and eventually spread on almost any wet item, this makes it essential for places with such conditions to be cleaned often.


Insects love our houses almost as much as we hate having them in our homes. During our many, many house cleanups we have found that most of the time, insects start breeding in a house’s crawl spaces. And usually, by the time we wake up to the nuisance of insects, they have most likely taken over the entire house. This is another major reason why regular crawl space cleanups are important.

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