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Are you an individual looking for a moving service for moving your office or apartment? Or are you a company looking for a service to transport your goods to a warehouse or showroom? Then look no further. Global Junk & Moving is at your service. We offer moving services to clients in greater New York City surrounding areas.

Moving to a new place can be a gargantuan task, especially if you have heavy appliances and are short on time. You can have an efficient and stress-free moving process by hiring a moving service. Global Junk & Moving offers numerous services, including:

  • house moving
  • apartment moving
  • delivery of furniture, appliances, and heavy items, like a piano
  • relocation of offices
  • warehouse relocation
  • car transport
  • delivery of heavy machinery
  • delivery of building materials and furniture
  • donation pickups
  • pack-out service.

We ensure that all the materials are transported in closed vehicles, ensuring the safety of your items. We also offer top-notch pack-out services to our clients. We ensure that all your cherished belongings are cleaned and packed properly. Furthermore, we also have expert inventory management, which will ensure that none of the possessions of our clients go missing during transportation. After removing the materials for transportation, we also ensure that the space is clean and orderly.

You can contact us with all your queries related to moving, and we will give you a prompt reply.

Moving Services

Reasons to hire Global Junk & Moving for moving services

Are you looking for one of the best movers in New York City and the surrounding area? Then Global Junk & Moving might be the right choice for you. With the glowing reviews of happy customers under our belt, we can provide you with the best service in the industry. There are numerous benefits that can be enjoyed by hiring our services.


We are experienced and highly efficient in all stages of moving. We, at Global Junk & Moving, work hard to ensure that all your possessions reach their destination on time and without any damage. All of our moving vans and equipment are of superior quality and in top-notch condition. All this makes us trustworthy and dependable.


Moving by yourself can be a costly affair due to several unnecessary expenditures and hidden costs. You can save your hard earned money by hiring our moving services. We offer no-cost quotes and competitive prices to our clients to make their move easy and budget-friendly.

Reduces stress

Moving your apartment or office to a different place is a stressful time. If you attempt to do the moving by yourself, it is possible that you will be continuously haunted by the worry of leaving things behind or damaging them during transportation. By hiring a moving service like Global Junk & Moving, you can be stress-free during the moving process as we will take care of everything.

Prevent injuries

Trying to move heavy objects by yourself can lead to accidents and injuries, especially if you are doing it for the first time. You can avoid this issue by hiring an experienced and skilled moving service like Global Junk & Moving.

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