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The Dos And Don’ts Of Television Removal

Are you thinking of getting a new, bigger, better television set for your living room? Are you confused about what to do with the old TV? And more importantly, are you wondering how to remove the television you have right now without damaging your TV panel?

Removing and disposing off a television can be very tedious work. This is probably the reason so many people have boxy, old televisions lying around the house turning into a big ball of dust. Because they don’t know what to do with it! From attempting to dismount it to unplugging a gazillion wires, it does not sound like something one would willingly want to do. And how are we supposed to dispose it off even if we do manage to somehow remove it from the house? Surely, we can’t leave it on the curb?

There is a one-stop solution to all your television removal needs and that is Global Junk & Moving. Our team here at Global Junk & Moving is highly experienced in all sorts of removal services, be it television removal or even removal of other complicated appliances.

Television Removal
Television Removal

Here Are Some Reasons Why Getting Professionals To Remove Your Television Is A Good Idea:

An old television is one of those items that need to be disposed off responsibly. They technically fall under the e-waste category and need to be dealt with accordingly. The reason is a television contains many elements that can be harmful, poisonous even, to the environment if sent directly to the landfill. To ensure that toxic chemicals aren’t released into the environment and that you don’t break any of the strict e-waste disposal laws, give us a call. It is also important to note that apart from some toxic substances in television parts, there are also a lot of parts in a television that can be reused and recycled. This makes correct disposal of the item very important.

Book an appointment today and let us help you remove all of that old and broken tvs!

We Do All The Heavy Lifting

When you contact us at Global Junk & Moving and book an appointment for television removal, well, that is all you need to do. We do all the heavy lifting. We ensure that your old television set is removed from the house in a way that doesn’t cause any damage. Furthermore, we also make sure the television is disposed off in the correct way. We follow all the guidelines issued by the relevant government authorities for the disposal of e-waste. So you can just relax, give us a call, guide us to where the television is. You can then proceed to chill in your lounge chair because we will do all of the grunt work.

Why Should I Pay Someone For Something I Can Do Myself?

The most common question people ask is why should they pay to do a task they feel they can do themselves? The answer is in the details. Televisions removal sounds pretty straightforward, especially if you are someone who thrive on home improvement projects. But the reality is that it is a little (read a lot) more complicated that it appears on the surface. You need to have the correct tools to dismount it, be strong enough to carry it and then also be patient enough to figure out how to dispose it off. Let’s just say, trusting the professionals at Global Junk & Moving is the correct way forward.

A professional removalist can complete the process efficiently, with absolutely no damage to your house. Our Global Junk & Moving team will also come prepared with the right equipment and will dispose off the television in an eco-friendly manner.

Television Removal

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